Dr. Awkward Bristol

Dr. Awkward, aka Simon Speight, hails from Bristol, UK, and produces what has been variously called "breakbeat trance", "proper music" and "that bloody noise". He has never written with a bias, preferring the act of creation to the finished result, so stylistically tends to swing about a bit. He likes giving his music away free, and hopes you enjoy it... ... more

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Track Name: The Dark Side
"Cool... tales from the dark side."

"As long as I pledge allegiance to the dark side, I'll never die..."
Track Name: Poison Bitten
"Poison bitten, hah!"
Track Name: Love So High
"Love so high, so high"
Track Name: Heavy Handed
"Complicated... and heavy handed."
Track Name: Assassinator
"A lethal weapon, an assasinator, if the people ain't stepping."
Track Name: Bitch
"Bitch, you actin' outta place."
Track Name: P.A.Y.B.A.C.K. (Savage Mix)
Track Name: Super Educated
"Super educated, I'm..."

"Super educated, I'm smarter than Spock (Spock)... know what I mean?"
Track Name: Love So High (Funky Reprise)
"Love so high, so high..."